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  • 12. prosince  2001     Fotogalerie  rubrika: Title - Pop

    Rapids - Ferdinand Havlík

    The composition "Rapids" was written for the shows which were introduced by the leading figures of The Semafor Theatre. Two leads (Asax and Barsax) play with the sound of the full orchestra with an extended percussion section.

  • 12. prosince  2001     Fotogalerie  rubrika: Title - Pop

    Semafor Twist - Ferdinand Havlík

    In the instrumentation of Semafor Twist in addition to usual colour of saxophones are also used two women's voices.

  • 12. prosince  2001     Fotogalerie  rubrika: Title - Pop

    Melody for Susan - Ferdinand Havlík

    Melody for Susan is reminiscence of the cycle of plays with Susan. The instrumentation is usual for the Semafor Band

  • 12. prosince  2001     Fotogalerie  rubrika: Title - Pop

    Semafor Shaker - Ferdinand Havlík

    Semafor Shaker has in comparison to the other Semafor compositions large instrumentation. There are 3 trumpets and 3 trombones in addition to four saxophones.

  • 12. prosince  2001     Fotogalerie  rubrika: Title - Pop

    Love Song - Ferdinand Havlík

    The Love Song from the play "Buckram heads" uses instrumentation of a typical orchestra of the 80's. The slow tempo highlights the chromatic progression of keyboard and bassguitar.

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