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  • 5.11.2002     Fotogalerie  rubrika: Title - Classical

    Concert Music - Eduard Douša

    Concert music for violoncello was written on an impulse of Czech cellist, gambist and artist Petr Hejný. Three short movements emphasise beauty of the instrumental sound in expressive motifs.

  • 5.11.2002     Fotogalerie  rubrika: Title - Classical

    Morning Thanksgiving - Milan Slavický

    Morning Thanksgiving takes an advantage of all specifics that a good chamber orchestra has to offer in regard to its sound and skills of its players. Concerning its structure the piece introduces a slow gradation consisting of small,...

  • 25. října  2002       rubrika: Title - Classical

    Symphonic Concert - Zdeněk Lukáš

    Symphonic concert for string quartet and orchestra by Zdeněk Lukáš is a composition, which has all attributes of author's orchestral works - above all the feeling for conventionalization and colourful instrumentation.

  • 16. října  2002     Fotogalerie  rubrika: Title - Classical

    Lonely Sadness - Ondřej Adámek

    Lonely Sadness is a spatial composition. Reshuffling of musicians in the concert hall forms the formal substrate of the composition and has also extra-musical implications as it depicts different situations in a relationship of two...

  • 16. října  2002     Fotogalerie  rubrika: Title - Classical

    Tempus Quadragesimae - Radek Rejšek

    Tempus quadragesimae is the third part of organ music cycle "Musica per organum".

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