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Marek Hlaváč: Listening warm-up

Marek Hlaváč: Poslechová rozcvička - Foto:  archiv autora

Marek Hlaváč: Poslechová rozcvičkaFoto:  archiv autora

A series of 4 short sound compositions that work in different ways of listeners participation and the role of broadcaster and listeners in general. Composition as a instrument - in order for the listener to listen to the composition, must be actively engage into, whether mentally or physically.

Listening warm-up
The instructor guides the listener to modulate the sound waves coming into his/her ear. Instruction can also be taken as a model of a particular type of listening - the ear becomes a musical instrument, still ready for use. 


Marek Hlaváč: Poslechová rozcvička

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Dump speaker
Voice without voice, speech without speech. Only a small rest of speech and its communication function. The listener can only guess what the speaker is trying to say. 


Marek Hlaváč: Němý řečník

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Relaxation piece on the theme Czech anthem
Listener's brain is synchronized with the frequency 4-7Hz - brain wave frequencies, which is associated with the state of hypnosis. 


Marek Hlaváč: Relaxační kus na motivy české hymny

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Warm-up with radio
The listener is instructed to explore his/her receiver and use it as a musical instrument, or generally to an unorthodox approach to things. 


Marek Hlaváč: Rozcvička s radiopřijímačem

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Autor:  Marek Hlaváč

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