Fujak Július (bio_eng)

Július Fujak - Foto: Julius Fujak

Július FujakFoto: Julius Fujak

Slovak experimental composer, comproviser and multi-instrumentalist, music aesthetician and organiser of unconventional intermedia events

- founder and member of Slovak alternative rock groups Teória Odrazu and Otras (1988-1998); he have created various music-intermedia pieces in ensemble tEóRia OtraSu (thEoRy Of Shake; 2000-2010) and still creates and participates in different intermedia project in Slovakia and abroad;
- he graduated University Comenius, Philosophical Faculty – aesthetics and musical science in Bratislava (1990), he was researcher in Institute of Literary and Artistic Communication in Nitra (1996-2007), he lecture at Department of Cultural Studies in Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra (since 2007).
- his compositions were performed or broadcasted in USA, China, Brazil, and many countries of Europe;
- he cooperated with ensembles The California EAR Unit (USA), Palinckx (NL/UK), The Earthieves (CZ), and with Jon Rose (AUS), Veryan Weston (UK), Ludivine Allegue (F), Isabelle Duthoit (F), Zsolt Söres (H), Franz Hautzinger (A), Vladimír Merta, Jana Lewitová, Zdenek Plachý, David Šubík, Jan Kavan, Mikoláš Chadima (all CZ), Jozef Lupták, Marián Varga, Stano Palúch, J. B. Kladivo (all SK), among many others;
- he performed at the festivals and stages as: Red Cat Theatre (Los Angeles), Audio Art (Krakow), Sound Bridges (Wien), Odeon 120 (Brussels), Big Ear and /Cross/Hearing (both in Budapest), Kis Magyar Performance fesztivál (Szentendre), Alternativa (Prague), Exposition of New Music (Brno), Pohyb-Zvuk-Prostor (Opava), Janáček Academy and Skleněná louka/Glass Meadows (both in Brno), Summer Film School (Uherské Hradiště), Sound Off and TransArt Communication (Nové Zámky), Evenings of New Music, Euroart (Bratislava);
- dramaturge and curator of international series of contemporary unconventional music Hermes´ Ear in Nitra (1999-2007), and international festival of intermedia arts PostmutArt (sound/image-gesture/tex;t since 2008) 

Selected discography 

Teória Odrazu. (LP, Globus International, 1991; CD reedition Hevhetia 2011)
Otras: Kysucký postindustriál. (CD, y.f.w., 1998)
Fujak – Macsovszky – Varso: Trojkolo: beh fiktivity (CD, Animartis, 2000)
tEóRia OtraSu: Bábkový režim zvuku/Puppet Regime of Sound (CD, Animartis, 2002)
tEóRia OtraSu: Nosferatu. (CD, Animartis 2002)
Julius Fujak & The California E.A.R. Unit: transPOPsitions! Live in L. A. (DVD, Hevhetia, 2006)
tEóRia OtraSu, Jana Lewitová a Vladimír Merta: Jánošík. (CD extra, Hevhetia, 2007)
Ján Boleslav Kladivo, Julo Fujak : Fluff Modulation (DVD, Vlna 2008)
Julo Fujak: Úchytkom/Cursorily (Hevhetia, 2008)
Julo Fujak: Konvergencie do vrecka/Pocket Convergences (Hevhetia, 2010)
Mikoláš Chadima & Julo Fujak: XAFOO (Hevhetia 2012)
NE:BO:DAJ (Azyl 2012) 


Tvorivosť v načúvaní hudobnému tvaru (Creativity of Listening to Musical Shape; ÚLUK UKF Nitra 2000)
Musical Correla(c)tivity (ÚLUK UKF Nitra 2005)
Slovenské hudobné alternatívy (Slovak Music Alternatives; in cooperation with M. Kalinka and O. Rehák; ÚLUK UKF Nitra 2006)
Hudobné korela(k)tivity (Musical Correla(c)tivities; Department of Cultural Studiue, UKF Nitra, 2008)
Margonálie (Marginalia; Modrý Peter Levoča & Department of Cultural Studiue, UKF Nitra, 2013) 

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