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Jiří Suchánek ve studiu - Foto: Jiří Suchánek

Jiří Suchánek ve studiuFoto: Jiří Suchánek

Jiří Suchánek (*1979 in Brno) studied video art with Keiko Sei and professor Peter Ronai at Brno's Faculty of Visual Arts (1999-2006).

During his studies, Suchánek focused on the relationship between video and audio, experimenting with various forms of artistic expression, including VJing, video installations and the construction of prototype acoustic and MIDI instruments. 

He later focused on the relationship between sound and space/the living environment. While on a study exchange with the Italian group Timet (Lorenzo Brusci, Andreass Bosshard), he completed his doctorate thesis on the subject of "audio gardens." 

With his audiovisual project Mateřídouška, Suchánek creates music and animation based on the drawings of Tereza Damcová. He is currently assistant at the video department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, where he is responsible for technical equipment and instruction at the faculty's U.fon audio studio. 

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