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RADIOCUSTICA selected 2014 - Foto: Adéla Knajzlová

R(A)DIO(CUSTICA) slelected 2014

new compilation: listen, download, or DIY CD

Minimaraton elektronické hudby 2015 - Foto: Ladislav Železný

MINIMARATHON of electronic music 2015

live transmission from Ostrava days festival

V sobotu 22. srpna
od 19:00

Alessandro Bosetti - Foto: Alessandro Bosetti


The NOTEBOOKS by Alessandro Bosetti won!!!

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Radioatelier Premedition

Gerald Fiebig & Christian Z. Müller: Echoes of Industry

Due to its non-visual nature, its ‘disembodied voice,’ radio presents itself as the perfect ‘hauntological’... Echoes of Industry undertakes to reflect, in an acoustic form, the social and architectural shifts that happen in European...

Next Premiere

Matouš Hejl, Ian Mikyska: Havel - Music Essay

Matouš Hejl with Ian Mikyska are trying to develop a form of Hörspiel in order to consider Václav Havel as a man of many roles while keeping himself as unique human. A person, who ask questions, flies away while revealing the fact it had been rooted...

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