Mario Verandi: Prague - Imaginary Fragments

Mario Verandi at the GRM, Paris - Foto: Anne Berrini

Mario Verandi at the GRM, ParisFoto: Anne Berrini

When you arrive in a new town, the first entirely new sound you hear is foreign language. Only afterwards do you begin to become aware of other sounds specific to this place, and its sound landscape. Today's large cities naturally have many sounds in common, but one can still find certain sounds which are representative or characteristic of the town in question.

The majority of audio material for this composition was recorded in two places: at Prague Castle's Royal Summer Palace and at the Havelský market and nearby alleys in Prague's Old Town. Other recordings were made in the Prague metro and on streetcars. 

One very new experience for me was the sound of the singing fountain in the Royal Garden at Prague Castle. At the Havelský market, I was fascinated by the color of the sound made by a small toy rooster which reminded me of laughter. I had never heard such a sound anywhere before... 

The word "fragment" or "fragmented" can have different meanings. When I use the word "fragment" in the title of my composition, I am referring to a small part of something which is not complete on its own. At least, that's what the word's dictionary definition says. As for my composition, this means that I work with selected sounds, and not with Prague's entire sound landscape. It is a little like taking photographs in several different parts of town - they do not offer a complete picture of the city. The word "fragmented" means "composed of small parts which are not related to each other." This, again, is the dictionary definition, which does not apply to my work, since all sounds are clearly from the same place. The individual fragments in my composition are like layers which are strongly bound to each other. These fragments or layers are articulated rhythmically using pauses of varying lengths. 

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Mario Verandi: Prague - Imaginary Fragments

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