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Andrea Dancer, Michal Kindernay: Walking Sound

na železničním mostu v Praze - Foto: Michal Kindernay

na železničním mostu v PrazeFoto: Michal Kindernay

In this work, a proposition is put forward to listening across time, space and the body. One can experience soundwalking, the practice of walking and listening, as lived experience -- but what happens when a live soundwalk event is re-conceptualized and recorded for radio after the fact? Is the sound itself not prefigured? In this way, Andrea Dancer and Michal Kindernay propose, and compose, to take sound for a walk across a day and place the listener (you) as the omniscient silent body.

The basis of this composition, Walking Sound, is a soundwalk event organized in Prague in the beginning of spring (April 6th, 2011), as part of the EBU Ars Acoustica conference. While the soundwalk included site specific deep listening opportunities and sound interventions by artists and musicians, Walking Sound peripherally traces these and other serendipitous sound events with a focus on the contemplative character of the environment and listening-centered passage through a day. 

From pre-dawn to evening, step by step through the liminal spaces of Prague's Albertov and Smichov neighborhoods, this ambient day coalesces around resonances, oscillations, anamorphic perspectives -- and time and place are recessed in the meditative potential of both noise and quietude. In this instance, we invite you to hover and float and let the sounds do the walking: Walking Sound. 

Soundwalk Design: Andrea Dancer and Michal Kindernay
Recordings of caterwauling, fan, Lukas Fütterer, Frank Bierlein (ZKM Karlsruhe), Michal Kindernay
Interventions: Kateřina Zochová and Michal Kindernay (radios) and Klára Doležálková
Accordionist: Kate Romain (Katrzyna) 

Produced and composed by Michal Kindernay and Andrea Dancer 


Andrea Dancer, Michal Kindernay: Walking Sound

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Autor:  Andrea Dancer_e, Michal Kindernay_E

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