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Ian Mikyska, Maryanna Kozak, Martina Smutná: MÉDEA

Médea - Foto: Martina Smutná

MédeaFoto: Martina Smutná

Taking off from the topic of infidelity, this radio Medea plays a game of intimacy, nearness, and honesty with the listener. Original documentary material mixes with actorly interpretations and entries of the radio broadcasters' incisions. Stories of the cheated and the cheating – tragic, humorous, well known – mix with softly sung sad songs, which sound as if they were far away, under a blanket.

"...for me it's such a huge thing that the other person is interested in me that it then becomes really hard not to take the opportunity."

All began with an exhibition by Martina Smutná in the TIC Gallery in Brno. It was called Médea and, in addition to several paintings and scenographic elements, it also featured a soundtrack. This was based on interviews Smutná recorded with a series of respondents who experienced infidelity in their relationships on both sides. These interviews were used to create a text collage, read by the three artists, there voices emanating from six loudspeakers hanging from the ceiling in the exhibition space. 

In this new radio version of the piece, the scope of voices has been expanded: in addition to the original documentary recordings, there are two actors (Kateřina Císařová and Kryštof Krhovják) as well as two broadcasters on Czech Radio Vltava (Jana Kozubková a Petr Šrámek). 

Note: voices of all respondents have been specially treated so that their anonymity is preserved. 


PremEdice Radioatelieru 27. 2. 2019. Mikyska, Kozak, Smutá: Médea

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