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Lenka Kerdová a Eliška Perglerová: Concentrating on Wednesday

Soustředění ve středu - Foto: Lenka Kerdová, Eliška Perglerová

Soustředění ve středuFoto: Lenka Kerdová, Eliška Perglerová

or abstraction of physicality, abstraction through the body, abstraction in the body


Eliška Perglerová a Lenka Kerdová: Soustředění ve středu

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Radiophonic thinking in the form of auditory abstraction of ordinary sound objects of everyday life as an approximation to the essence of imagination. 
In a purely experimental sound composition, the authors attempt to focus the issue of concentration on a specific activity. In this case, listening. Text-sound composition Concentrating on Wednesday is based on their previous performative project Contemplative rules, in which they attempted to create a spatial and social situation for practice of attention to common through the instructions for the preparation of spring rolls. During the happening Contemplative Rules ongoing around a special dining room in the gallery whithin the abstraction of the seen food ingredients for spring rolls preparation. The composition Concentrating on Wednesday tests in an analogous way human imagination and earn the path to abstraction through audiable objects. The authors have prepared an auditory path into our thoughts through a dive into their own geometrized internals and letting resonate intangible bodies above the withdrawn cylinder neck of each of us.
Both authors are visual artists.
Text interpretation: Ivana Uhlířová 
Autor:  Ladislav Železný

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