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Sivan Eldar: ON AIR | Behind Glass

Sivan Eldar & Marina Kantor - Foto: Ladislav Železný

Sivan Eldar & Marina KantorFoto: Ladislav Železný

Radio as a stage for muted sounds: voices, whispers, breaths. The mutable counterpoint that emerges.

Spitfire Company (Jindřiška Křivánková, Cecile da Costa, Miřenka Čechová), voices; Marina Kantor, piano & accordion; Ian Saxton, drums; Prague, sound walks.



SIvan Eldar: ON AIR | Behind Glass

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On Air | Behind Glass was sculpted out of sounds inside and outside the studio. It is an impression of Prague through its language, its streets, and its artists; an impression that is poetic rather than concrete. The words are colors – an extension of breaths. And the streets, too, breathe in counterpoint. It is an internal world that is at times intensely physical, at times magical, and at times frightening.  

As I prepare to leave Prague, On Air | Behind Glass is also a reflection on departure. While the radio is used as a stage for muted sounds – it whispers, breathes and sighs – it also sets the stage for silence. It is through that silence that I explore the cyclical nature of departing and listening. 

Autor:  Ladislav Železný
Pořad: rAdioCUSTICA  |  Stanice: ČRo Vltava

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