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Vendula Guhová: Huffing and Puffing of the Subconscious

Funění podvědomí - Foto: Vendula Guhová

Funění podvědomíFoto: Vendula Guhová

The composition immerses itself in the human body and its internal processes, into places that huff and puff, bubble and cough. It focuses on the internal ferment and looks for poetry in the “low”, the concealed and the embarrassing. Its theme is the animality of the human mind, the instinctiveness of intimacy, and daydreaming. It smells, looks for and challenges something and keeps on immersing itself.

Booing, snoring, rumbling, peeing, hiccups... Huffing and Puffing of the Subconscious was created by means of collecting sounds produced by both the human and the animal body, by a protesting crowd and from spontaneous recordings made on each day of the sound Advent calendar. The composition is based on the principles of musique concrète


Vendula Guhová: Funění Podvědomí

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Huffing and Puffing of the Subconscious is a follow-up to the composer’s other works in its themes of imagination (the film Před:stavy, podvědomí [Imagi:nations and the Subconscious], the sound installation Rrabadande), daydreaming (the composition Denní snění [Daydreaming]), animality (interactive projection Ochočárna) and the slight humour of sound collisions (Premačice). 

Autor:  Michal Rataj

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