• Ivan Palacký - Foto: Anna Palacká
    ProjectMar 26, 2005        

    Ivan Palacký: Heda's diary

    Music, documentary recordings and audio collage: Ivan Palacký, F.Tilzer Ivan Palacký (guitar, minidisk, loop machine, toys) Florian Tilzer (prepared piano) Other Instruments: Winmonitor audio software for the blind, sewing machine, music boxes, wind-up doll, coffee maker, blind person's cane. Recorded 25 and 26 February 2002 at the barrier-free Barka Theatre in Brno Sound engineer: Broněk Šmid Mix: Ivan Palacký Mastering: Střelice Studio

  • Paraneuro (ilustrace) - Foto: Miroslav Posejpal
    ProjectFeb 26, 2005        

    PARANEURO: 11/10/2004


  • Kniha cest - Foto: Miroslav Posejpal
    ProjectJan 29, 2005        

    Miroslav Posejpal: Three Chapters from the Book of Travels

    Deep in our heart, deep in our mind there is a division line... Beyond that we no longer master ourselves; the self ends here, the "now" stops here ... here begins the ocean of man... The land of strayed images Of forgotten experiences from the depths of time, from past lives, The memory of rocks and trees, the memories of atoms and stars High mountains and dark depths, instincts of blood, trembling and calmness The land of drowsing possibilities All in one One in all It is all in us Even THIS is in us

  • Pod mostem - Foto: Miloš Vojtěchovský
    ProjectDec 18, 2004         

    Meanders and Sediments

    Jan Štolba: saxophone, piano Jiří Adámek, Alena Štréblová: voice performance Miloš Vojtěchovský: radio archive, live-electronic Aleš Killian: radio, live-electronic Jan Dufek: telephone, live-electronic Ladislav Železný: samples, live-electronic

  • Přesýpací hodiny - Foto:  Comstock Images
    ProjectNov 27, 2004        


    A musical theatrical composition based on a 1970 radio play by Věra Linhartová. Adapted and directed by: Lukáš JiřičkaSound design: Matěj Kratochvíl With: Anna Synková, Martin Dusbaba, Jakub Prachař

  • moderátor Pavel Klusák #1
    ProjectOct 30, 2004        

    Pavel Klusák: "My Country" remixed

    It took me over a year to turn the initial "idea" for this project into reality. I was constantly buying old vinyl LP recordings...

  • Karaoke Mouse - Foto: Tomáš Karásek
    ProjectSep 25, 2004        

    Karaoke Mouse

    Karaoke Tundra (Viktor Tverdokhlibov, UA) + MMtm (Tomáš Karásek, CZ) = Karaoke Mouse ** Experimental workshop

  • Nádraží - zima - déšť - Foto: Jaroslav Kořán
    ProjectAug 28, 2004        

    Jaroslav Kořán: The Hidden Appeal of Czech Railways

    Trains, toy trains, memories and dreams, or The Hidden Appeal of Czech Railways My fascination with trains and toy trains has been percolating within me in one way or another ever since my earliest childhood....

  • Jiří Adámek - Foto: Jiří Adámek
    ProjectJul 31, 2004       

    Jiří Adámek: Making a poem

    Sound improvisations based on four poems by Ernst Jandl performed and produced by Jiří Adámek

  • Sumad - Foto: Jiří Hodan
    ProjectJune 26, 2004        

    Sumad: Disubbidiente L´eskamatore

    A project by Experimental Studio Bratislava

  • Miloš Vojtěchovský - Foto: Daniel Šperl
    ProjectMai 29, 2004        

    Miloš Vojtěchovský: Stalker

    For twenty-five centuries, the Western mind has been trying understand the world by watching it. This approach has failed... Jacques Attali

  • Vlastislav Matoušek ve studiu - Foto: Michal Rataj
    ProjectApr 24, 2004         

    Vlastislav Matoušek: Vox Clamantis

    ..., as is written in the book of the prophet Isaiah: "The voice of one crying in the desert: Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight the paths of our God! Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low; and all the crooked ways shall become straight, and the rough places plain; and all the flesh shall see the salvation of God."

  • Nová Huť - Foto: Petra Gavlasová
    ProjectMar 27, 2004        

    Petra Gavlasová: 24 Hours in Ova

    24 Hours in Ova is an attempt at capturing the atmosphere of this mysterious town. The reality of an average day in the... ***********************

  • Odraz 808 - skica - Foto: Martin Janíček
    ProjectFeb 28, 2004         

    Martin Janíček: Reflection 808

    This piece was composed as a mix of eight layered loops from a studio in Troy where we experimented with MAX/Msp software....

  • Ivan Palacký - Foto: Anna Palacká
    ProjectJan 31, 2004         

    TÍLKO: Country Auction

  • Vlado Rusko, Petr Mandel, Petr Šplíchal, Milan Křivohlavý (zleva) - Foto: Petr Šplíchal
    ProjectDec 27, 2003        


    The group known as 4 Dimensions works with experimental and electro-acoustic music. It was established in 1995 at the "F" studio as a loose association...

  • auvid - Foto: Dušan Urbanec
    ProjectOct 25, 2003        

    a u v i d_________N I G H T S A N D D A Y S an audiovisual community focused on the sonic environment which surrounds us all.

  • e. o. (živě při koncertu) - Foto: Ladislav Železný
    ProjectSep 27, 2003        

    e.o _ ORGANISM

  • Vilém Faltýnek a Luboš Pavel (v labyrintu) - Foto: Hana Valentová
    ProjectAugust 30, 2003         

    Vilém Faltýnek: A Pilgrim Escaping From Anxieties Of The World

    [1623 Amsterdam - 2003 Praha]

  • Miroslav Srnka - Foto: Sandra Bergmannová
    ProjectJuly 26, 2003        

    Miroslav Srnka: We are giving birth!

    Composers have been inspired many times by the breath and pulse - the ubiquitous but short physiological gestures - of the...

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