• Forensic Music - Foto: Terri Hron
    ProjectJun 24, 2016, 10 PM        

    Terri Hron: Forensic Music

    The poetry heard in Forensic Music comes from the last collection of my maternal grandfather, Jan Vladislav. It is hard for me to describe in what way the three poems are connected, or to dissociate their meaning from my relationship to my grandfather, both personally and through my... Forensic Music, in which a series of seemingly disparate elements are juxtaposed and intertwined, sometimes rising to the surface for a moment before once again being swept up.

  • do pece .... - Foto: Arturas Bumšteinas
    ProjectMay 27, 2016, 10:00 PM        

    Arturas Bumšteinas: The Year Of The Catdog

    30 kilometers away from Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, there is a small village called Gojus. In the outskirts of this village,...

  • Na pomezí potrubí - Foto: Miloš Vojtěchovský
    Project29. dubna  2016 v 22:00       


    The soundscape of Frontiers of Solitude is a composition consisting of field recordings made during the mapping of the sonic environment of the Most Coal Basin...

  • Sixth Element? - Foto: Tomáš Pálka
    ProjectMar 25, 2016, 10:00 PM       

    Tomáš Pálka: Oasis - Six Elements

    Oasis… I let myself be fascinated by the sounds around me.

  • ... electromagnetic ... - Foto: Christopher Williams
    ProjectFeb 26, 2016, 10:00 PM        

    Christina Kubisch, Christopher Williams: Groundwave Rondo (Magnetic traveling)

    A collaboration between composers and sound artists Christina Kubisch, who has worked with the phenomena of electromagnetic...

  • Jaromír Švamberk mezi příslušnicemi korejské armády - Foto: Jaromír Švamberk
    ProjectJan 29, 2016         

    Alex Švamberk / Ava´n´Garde: Akce K

    Dedicated to the memory of Jaromír Švamberk (1926 – 2007)Action K is an artistic documentary, which reflects on the period after the end of the Korean war. It is based on the authentic...

  • Jonáš Gruska - Foto:  archiv autora
    Project18. prosince  2015 v 22:00       

    Jonáš Gruska: Netopiere / Bats

    Exploration on the ultrasound field recording and composing with commonly inaudible sounds. What lies behind the 20 kHz...

  • Phill Niblock - Foto: Ladislav Železný
    Project27. listopadu  2015 v 22:00       

    Phill Niblock: FIRST OUT

    New guitar piece by NewYork-based artist and minimalist Phill Niblock, which was recorded for PremEdice Radioateliér together... at the Berkeley College of Music in Boston.

  • Jiří Lukeš - Foto: Jiří Lukeš
    Project30. října  2015 v 22:00        

    Jiří Lukeš: Reverberations

    Basklarinet: Hanuš Axmann.A walk through the winter countryside, a train journey to work in the morning, the bells of Salzburg Cathedral and many...

  • found image - Foto: Sara Pinheiro
    Project25. září  2015 v 22:00       

    Sara Pinheiro: Acousmatic foley / study l.

    This piece is based in three main sounds that result of research-project entitled "acousmatic foley". The subject is mainly...

  • expedice - Foto:  neznámý
    Project28. srpna  2015 v 22:00       


    Kolektiv - an international group of artists working in various artistic fields. Electronic media more or less meet in their...

  • Matouš Hejl, Ian Mikyska - Foto: Michal Hančovský
    ProjectJul 31, 2015, 10:00 PM        

    Matouš Hejl, Ian Mikyska: Havel - Music Essay

    Matouš Hejl with Ian Mikyska are trying to develop a form of Hörspiel in order to consider Václav Havel as a man of many...

  • Martin Vajgl - Foto: Ivan Krejza
    Project26. června  2015 v 22:00       

    Martin Vajgl: Contiguities

    It is perhaps daring to name something in such a general, all encompassing way. After all, what else are the acoustic arts...

  • Hudební nástroj současnosti? - Foto: Gerald Fiebig
    ProjectMai 29, 2015, 10 PM        

    Gerald Fiebig & Christian Z. Müller: Echoes of Industry

    Due to its non-visual nature, its ‘disembodied voice,’ radio presents itself as the perfect ‘hauntological’ medium for representing... Echoes of Industry undertakes to reflect, in an acoustic form, the social and architectural shifts that happen in European cities as certain...

  • CitiGram (sensory rozmístěné na newyorkském Manhattanu) - Foto: Michal Rataj
    Project24. dubna  2015 v 22:00        

    CityGram – interactive map for our ears

    Citygram-Sound Project is a collaboration between NYU Steinhardt, NYU CUSP, and CalArts. The Citygram Project is a large-scale... CityGram radio program has been produced in collaboration with New York University Manhattan, New York University Prague...

  • Tomáš Reindl - Foto: Michal Rataj
    ProjectMar 27, 2015, 10:00 PM        

    A Voice in the Wilderness of the Sumava

    Soloist: Markéta Dvoráková, Petr Matuszek, vocalsA Voice in the Wilderness of the Šumava is a meditative composition for an electronic track and two singers (mezzo-soprano...

  • The Notebook - Foto: Alessandro Bosetti
    Project27. února  2015 v 22:00       

    Alessandro Bosetti: The Notebooks

    In the archive of the Janacek memorial in Brno, lies a somehow odd treasure: a series of very tiny notebooks where composer...

  • Katharina Schmitt: V kožichu - Foto:  archiv autorky
    Project30. ledna  2015 v 22:00       

    Katharina Schmitt: In Furs

    I imagine the following: The duration of the contract, half a year. You my mistress, me your slave. What does ‘slave’ mean...

  • Termosky&Mikrofony - Foto: Petr Vrba
    Project26. prosince  2014 v 22:00       

    Veronika Mayer & Petr Vrba: A.I.R. pressure

    for amplified noisy thermos flasks & 2 players with electronic and acoustic instruments

  • Princezna se železnou maskou - Foto: Martin Klusák
    ProjectNov 28, 2014, 10:00 PM        

    Martin Klusák: Princess In The Iron Mask

    The composition created for the 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution is concerned with the topic of “iron curtains” of today, and by means of free fiction...

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