[03] Tomáš Pálka: An absurd play with a pointless text

Tomáš Pálka - Foto: Michaela Plachká

Tomáš PálkaFoto: Michaela Plachká

rAdioCUSTICA selected 2003 | 17:48



An absurd play with a pointless text (by Samuel Beckett)

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This absurd play with an absurd text by Samuel Beckett is an experimental piece of electro-acoustic composition on the one hand, and a radio play on the other. 

It's an attempt to synthesise work with the sound objects of the spoken voice and the musical instrument - the clarinet. They are modified and stratified in time. The absurdity is intensified to the extent that the text is deliberately comprehensible only in certain places, and thus the play becomes an absurd adaptation in new contexts. The listener should perceive the resultant form alternately, in hazy intelligibility and in sound modulations. 

Autor:  Tomáš Pálka_E

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