[03] Karaoke Mouse: Experimental workshop

Karaoke Mouse - Foto: Tomáš Karásek

Karaoke MouseFoto: Tomáš Karásek

rAdioCUSTICA selected 2004 | 18:54



Karaoke Mouse

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Karaoke Tundra (Viktor Tverdokhlibov, UA)
MMtm (Tomáš Karásek, CZ)
Karaoke Mouse
Experimental workshop 

From various sources, various sounds come upon us, and we are trying to observe them and process them in completely different contexts. As soon as one realizes that any sound is in fact hidden music, one discovers a brand new world, in which it is not essential to have musical education, but to feel the urge to experiment and to have a sense of improvisation and humor. In our music, black often seems to be light blue, and white does not exist at all (or it is brown). As a matter of fact, it is music surrealism, whose definition could be: "It is further to the foot-stone than beyond the mountain." 

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