[01] Miroslav Topinka: Rat's nest

Lukáš Jiřička - Foto: Magda Jiřičková

Lukáš JiřičkaFoto: Magda Jiřičková

rAdioCUSTICA selected 2007 | 14:44


Arising from Czech-Polish creative symbiosis, this audio-textual composition is based on The Rat's Nest, an unusual, experimental text by the Seifert Prize winning poet Miloslav Topinka. Written in the late 1960s, the text oscillates between poetry, drama, visual arts and conceptual art. 

Miloslav Topinka - Foto: Petr Jedinák

Miloslav TopinkaFoto: Petr Jedinák

What is extremely inspiring for the present genre is the text's conceptual plan that implies four possible sound environments - spaces with the defined sound and situation dramaturgy, working as the setting for the recorded and phased voice of a single actor. The sound plan uses the concise textual composition, which arcs over the recordings associating or deconstructing the sound environments, mentioned in the text. It all adds up to an attempt at turning literature into dramatic and musical contexts; to an attempt at its transformation and its expression by different means. The actor's rendering of the Topinka's text also serves as a commentary on and point of departure for the creation of the musical and sound plan. The original recordings of various versions of the text are phased and mixed together through certain emotional expressions, lacking a straightforward recitation interpretation. 

The soundtrack was composed by Polish composer Krzysztof Topolski, who is both respectful jazz drum player (Ludzie, Mikolaj Trzaska, Michal Skrok, Wojciech Mazolewski, Marcin Dymiter a. o.) as well as electroacoustic and computer music composer (Arszyn, projects Emiszyn with Marcinem Dymiterem). He cooperates also with writers and poets and is active at international sound art scene.  

Autor:  Krzysztof Topolski_E, Lukáš Jiřička_E

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