[02] Tomáš Pálka: Submersion

Tomáš Pálka - Foto: Michaela Plachká

Tomáš PálkaFoto: Michaela Plachká

rAdioCUSTICA selected 2007 | 13:53


"Seven years ago, I discovered the poet Zdeněk Volf, whose texts I have set to music in numerous compositions of mine. Short, often subtle texts including deep thoughts present a challenge for me as I try to grip them in another - musical - rendering. 

Dive brings about three symbolic elements: water - as movement and constant change; voice - symbol of existence, of life; and, metaphorically, guitar, the string instrument, reflected in a poem's fragment - "the weir makes your hair/ hair like guitar strings, hair like strings without end..." Just as the poem itself presents no rifts, inducing an impression of gradual flow instead, the composition, too, aims to "dive" the listener into a similar state of quietness and balance. Only now and then do passages from the original texts emerge from the musical flow, reminding of or discovering new parts of various lines in endless continuation.  

Petr Stach: voice
Ivan Boreš: Guitar
Tomáš Pálka: Composition/Sound Realization 

Autor:  Tomáš Pálka_E

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