[03] Roman Štětina: Who did this

Roman Štětina - Foto:  Essl Museum

Roman ŠtětinaFoto:  Essl Museum

rAdioCUSTICA selected 2007 | 15:29



Who did this

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Nights spent waking, nights with a headache, nights spent suffering and nights during which I lay dying. Endless unheard conversations... a whispering which ends with daybreak. A blindness to which the eyes become accustomed. The shadows of events. Gentle night, pure night, nights which fly by. A closed vise, hot asphalt, bare feet and the murmur of a creek. Gravel between one's fingers. 

The time between sleep and waking... increased pulse, cries muffled by the darkness. Everything is plunged into bottomless landscapes and explodes, so cruelly and without warning, into reality. Unbearable fevers. Notes jotted down which are illegible in the morning. A radio left on. Tea forgotten on the stove top. Uninvited guests - "Who did this? Who did this!?" - what is it that I ask every night? And whom? 

"Who did this?" is a kind of look back at everything that I created in the last year of working with audio. It processes and re-shapes several audio works which had already been completed, putting them into new contexts and to a large extent giving them new meaning. Still, I get the feeling that my last works were more of a preparation for this piece, which in a sense brings the year to a symbolic close. 

Autor:  Roman Štětina_E

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