[02] Colin Black: Soundprints: The Prague Pressings

colin black - Foto: Yanna Black

colin blackFoto: Yanna Black

rAdioCUSTICA selected 2008 | 20:04



Soundprints: The Prague Pressings

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(Real and Psychological Environments Edition) 

Soundprints: The Prague Pressings (Real and Psychological Environments Edition) journeys through sound environments collected from Prague by the composer that are untreated ("real") and treated by the composer ("psychological") to form the works complex emotional arch. 

The inspiration for this work comes from the history, spirit and magic that is Prague interfacing with memories of home and place dislocated across time. Music and dialogue counterpoints the "real" and "psychological" locations and form an evolving relationship between these elements, where the composer explores the notions of home, memory, psychological perspective, place and space. 

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