[06] Phill Niblock: FIRST OUT

Phill Niblock - Foto: Ladislav Železný

Phill NiblockFoto: Ladislav Železný

rAdioCUSTICA selected 2015 | 22:14



Phill Niblock: FIRST OUT / el.guitar & ebow: David First / PLAY IT LOUD!

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A new guitar piece by NewYork-based artist and minimalist Phill Niblock, which was recorded together with composer and guitarist David First at the Berkeley College of Music in Boston. Phill Niblock’s work is multilayered in many ways. Since the sixties he has been engaged in photography, experimental film, sound art and composing in many aspects related to the tradition of American minimalism. He is one of the founders of Experimental Intermedia Foundation, which he currently manages. His works are exhibited and played all over the world. His new composition FIRST OUT is a bit different from his previous works because it was written for the radio air, which has no real acoustically resonant space – unless we take into account the diverse acoustic environments where radio signal is received. Played live, his compositions directly interact with each individual venue and require a high-quality and powerful sound system. As he says: “The only way to really hear my music is a live performance in a big hall with a big speaker system.” So – what we can add is: PLAY IT LOUD! 

Autor:  Ladislav Železný

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