Grand finale: Mahler – Lenárd

Gustav Mahler - Foto: CC0 Public domain

Gustav MahlerFoto: CC0 Public domain

Rudolfinum, 19 June 2017, 19:30.


Composed for large orchestra, off-stage brass instruments, two soloists and choir, Gustav Mahler’s Second Symphony, known as the Resurrection Symphony, takes the audience on an unforgettable evening-long journey full of drama and emotion, from the image of a funeral procession in the opening movement to the vision of “life after life” in the monumental climax. Helmed by principal conductor Ondrej Lenárd, Mahler’s Second promises a grand finale to the PRSO’s 90th season. 

Gustav Mahler: Symphony no. 2 in C minor, “Resurrection” 

Ondrej Lenárd – conductor
Kateřina Kalvachová – soprano
Veronika Hajnová – mezzo-soprano
Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno
Petr Fiala – choirmaster 

Admission: 390 / 340 / 310 / 270 / 140 CZK 

Autor:  Jitka Novotná

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