Studio 115. and 16.09.2017 20:00  

Floex & Tom Hodge feat. SOČR LIVE "A Portrait Of John Doe"

Floex & Tom Hodge feat. SOČR LIVE "A Portrait Of John Doe" - Foto:  SOČR

Floex & Tom Hodge feat. SOČR LIVE "A Portrait Of John Doe"Foto:  SOČR

Studio 1, 15 and 16 September 2017 at 8:00 p.m.

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What began as an intimate and organically evolving project between the two artists in Floex’s Prague studio, exploring their shared love of clarinet, piano and electronics was at once transformed by their collaboration with the "Prague Symphonic Orchestra" to create an album with a deep blend and intense synergy between orchestra and electronica. 

With the album not due out until 2018, this pair of September live concerts offers a unique chance to preview this brand new collaboration between two deeply independent musical spirits and Prague’s favourite orchestra! 

“A Portrait of John Doe" is the musical story of a common man making his way through our modern world, complete with all its digital, mechanised, dislocating challenges, all the while keeping his wry sense of humour about his 'battle' against our strange world. 

Ticket price: 250 CZK 


1. The Inauguration Of Nobody
2. Wednesday Is The New Friday
3. The Machines Are Dancing
4. John Doe Arise
5. I Dream Of Ikaria
6. Prelude
7. Resurgence
8. Requiem (for a Common Man) 

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