Short Interview with Maestro Christian Lindberg

Hra na trombón Christiana Lindberga udržuje v dobré fyzické kondici - Foto: Mats Bäcker

Hra na trombón Christiana Lindberga udržuje v dobré fyzické kondiciFoto: Mats Bäcker

When do you realize that music is your love. Maybe the only professional way which you want to go through?

I Was struck by music when I was six years old, but it had nothing to do with classical music. It was The Beatles who got me excited. 

Do you prefer to compose based on your own ideas? Or think more about audience and how to engage with people listening to your music? 

I compose completely from my own mind, and I also try to be completely free and original. I believe that is the only way in the long run to get the audience interested and moved. 

Many times I heard composers says that inspiration is everywhere. But what exactly inspires you? 

I agree! Inspiration is EVERYWHERE!! I sit down and listen to my inner voice, and everything that has inspired me goes through my mind. What comes out is hopefully the an exciting mixture of all that gets me excited. 

As an amazing trombonist you inspired a lot of composers to composed new pieces for trombon. How do you feel to play the composition which was inspired by you and your skills? 

It is very very awarding! It is like being part of the piece. At the same time I got to know the greatest composers in the world personally. Iannis Xenakis, Toru Takemitsu, Luciano Berio and Jan Sandström became my best friends!! 

You are trombonist, conductor and composer…could you say what do you like the most?  

I love all three equally much, but I think that composing right now is the most important for me. Conducting is very exciting, and playing the trombone keeps me in shape physically, and it also keep me in contact with my audience and with orchestra musicians which I value very very much. 

Your composition: The Tale of Kundraan for Trombone and Orchestra is played with iPad. Could you describe more for what exactly is iPad necessary? 

Without the Ipad I could not communicate the story I wrote as effectively as I can now. I have programed the Ipad so that the percussion player control the voice of the devil. That way I can have a dialogue between Kundraan(which I personally narrate) and Lucifer. 

Do you already have main theme of your next composition? 

Yes! next composition will be a piece for string orchestra, followed by a huge 35 minute long orchestral piece commissioned by three orchestras, and the orchestration should be the size of The Rite of Spring. I also work currently on a double bass concerto for Beethoven Orchester in Bonn. 

It seems you really know how to engage your audience if you are performing on the stage. How do you think is important to „make a show“ in the music? 

I think communication is essential in music!! Your role as a musician is to make your listener as excited over the music as you are yourself. To be honest, communicating with the audience was always something that came as a natural desire from me, so I never really think about it as a show, more like an event where together we enjoy music that is devine and makes us think life is a bit richer. 

I suppose you know a lot about Czech composers. But do you know any of Czech musicians? Have you ever been working with some of them?  

Yes I really love Czech musicians, particularly some of the brass players who have made great names of themselves internationally. I admire also the whole tradition of music in your country, having Rudolfinum as one of my 5 favorite halls in the world!! 

Autor:  Jitka Novotná

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