Video12. února  2017  

World premiere – Written for PRSO

Světová premiéra – psáno pro SOČR, 6. února 2017 - Foto: Tomáš Vodňanský

Světová premiéra – psáno pro SOČR, 6. února 2017Foto: Tomáš Vodňanský

The principal guest conductor Tomáš Brauner has invited the female section of the Prague Philharmonic Choir to perform two exceptional pieces:

The world premiere of the vocal Symphony No. 6 to a text by St. Francis of Assisi, which the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra commissioned from Pavel Zemek Novák, probably the most original contemporary Czech composer of the middle generation.  

And secondly the cantata La damoiselle élue, in which Claude Debussy, then only 25, foreshadowed techniques he would employ in his greatest works. The concert concluded with the ballet Petrushka, with which Igor Stravinsky won the hearts of Debussy and the whole of Paris. 

Pavel Zemek Novák - Symphony no. 6, “Praise Creation” 

Claude Debussy -  La damoiselle élue, cantata

Autor:  Jitka Novotná

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