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Gorilla fairy tales

Miroslav Bobek  27.03.2009
Gorilla fairy tales - Autor:Khalil Baalbaki
Gorilla fairy tales
Autor:   Khalil Baalbaki  

When visiting Cameroon in the spring of 2006 we realised that the best way to protect gorillas is to show the locals their beauty and intelligence. And when we published the first book of "gorilla" fairy tales, a little later in the Czech Republic, in which Moja naturally is the heroine, we weren't far off from the idea to modify this book for African conditions and to distribute it at local schools. 

Our goal was fulfilled last year in cooperation with the Limbe Wildlife Centre and eventually with a number of other organisations and individuals. Two thousand copies of the book were printed in French and two thousand copies in English reached Cameroon in November and were distributed free of charge during the first few weeks of this year (more in the article by Jana Jirátové here). The books were distributed by nature conservationists not only by vehicles, but also on motorcycles in rainforest regions...

Childern during teaching in Batoke Highschool - Autor:Miroslav Bobek
Childern during teaching in Batoke Highschool
Autor:   Miroslav Bobek  

The reaction of teachers and children primarily are positive. As Ekane Ekane explains, teacher at Batoke High School:"The majority of Africans don't know what apes are, some have never seen them, and the Czech project enables them to actually have real contact with gorillas, to see them so closely that it truly touches them."

However, our operation even managed to rouse a significant response outside of Cameroon and we received a number of requests to distribute the book to other regions and countries. Now we are preparing a Portuguese publication of fairy tales for Angolan Cabindu. Director Jan Jiráň has recorded a reading of fairy tales in French (the CD will be provided free to conservation organisations, broadcast stations in Central Africa) and we would like to give our book to students in Congo (Brazzaville) free of charge this autumn. However, before that we are preparing a commercial publication of the English version intended for sale in Europe and America - proceeds will naturally go towards our educational activities in Central Africa.

Author of Gorilla stories Miroslav Bobek with African children - Autor:Jana Jirátová
Author of Gorilla stories Miroslav Bobek with African children
Autor:   Jana Jirátová  

Publication of the book for the children of Cameroon and other projects are financed by the collection account The Revealed, acc. no. 555 555 552/0800. For more information feel free to contact Ing. Petra Hanzelkova, petra.hanzelkova@rozhlas.cz.

"It's a great idea and a wonderful book"
says Ateh Wilson Bern, one of the environmental education teachers at LWC. "The book is hugely important for the whole Cameroonian society. We do not have many publications that could be used as textbooks at schools and I assure you that this one is certain to be used in schools in Cameroon as a textbook."
Distribution of the books was preceded by a public presentation of gorilla fairy-tales at the Limbe Wildlife Centre. The event was attended by headmasters or other representatives of local schools, protectionists and journalists. They did not hide their enthusiasm. Ekane Ekane, a teacher at Batoke Highschool, expressed the common impression of the project: "I find the the activities of the Revealed project absolutely amazing. It would be wonderful if the project could catch on in Cameroon. Most Africans do not know what apes are, some have never seen them, and the Czech project facilitates a real contact with gorillas, provides a close view that will affect people. That could stimulate locals to protect and preserve endangered species for next generations."

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