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Sofie Meilvang  16.11.2009
Twiggs - Autor:Limbe Wildlife Centre

Twiggs was born in the wild in Cameroon around the year 1997. She and another female gorilla, Brighter, was smuggled across the border to Nigeria as infants to be sold as pets on the locale pet marked.

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Sofie Meilvang  09.11.2009
Pitchou - Autor:Archiv Limbe Wildlife Center

When Pitchou was very small, she was brought to Hotel Ilomba in Kribi to be sold, after her mother had been killed by hunters. She stayed there for three days, until the hotel owners could no longer bare to watch her suffer. The family donated her to the LWC.

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Buy Gorilla Tales to Support Distribution of the Book to African Schools

Jana Jirátová  28.12.2009
The Book of Gorilla Fairy Tales - Autor:Marek Václavík

Moja has been helping rescue gorillas in Africa. An English version of the gorilla tales book is being published as part of the Year of the Gorilla (YOG), a UN initiative, to raise funds to finance distribution of the book in Congo-Brazzaville and to support a project aimed at the rescue of the critically endangered Cross River Gorilla.

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Gorilla fairy tales - Autor:Khalil Baalbaki

Gorilla fairy tales

Miroslav Bobek
When visiting Cameroon in the spring of 2006 we realised that the best way to protect gorillas is to show the locals their beauty and intelligence. And when we published the first book of "gorilla" fairy tales, a little later in the Czech Republic, in which Moja naturally is the heroine, we weren't far off from the idea to modify this book for African conditions and to distribute it at local schools.

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Help gorillas with Prague Zoo. Find more information at its official website.

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