The birthday mini-festival returns for the 15th time : Art’s Birthday – Euroradio Ars Acustica Special Evening. Organized by Czech Radio Vltava in collaboration with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), this year once again in collaboration with the National Gallery in Prague.

Art’s Birthday 2019, with its many gifts of many words – desemanticized acoustic units and sounds or objects which carry meaning – will be based on the current state of things, on the constellation of place and situation in the venue of NG’s Trade Fair Palace. It will take place in the southwest mezzanine of Hall B, just above the ongoing event set up in a space devoted to moving image, an exhibition entitled “Touha v jazyce” (Desire in Language). More than twenty individuals from the fields of art, literature, theater, and music will present their seven gifts in the form of cooperative sound and music performances created specifically for the occasion. At several points throughout the evening, a satellite connection will be established with other celebrations of art’s birthday taking place concurrently in other European cities. Keeping a watch on the time zones of Europe, we will have the chance to – acoustically at least – tune to one wavelength and take part in these global celebrations from a single location.


ON-AIR 16:05 - 23:00 [CET]
PROGRAM: Czech Radio Vltava

ON-SITE 19:00 - 23:00 [CET]
PROGRAM: National Gallery in Prague / Fair Trade palace

ON-SPACE 20:00 - 24:00 [CET]
Euroradio setellites program

ON-LINE 19:00 - 23:00 [CET]
Live audio stream | PREHRAVAC.ROZHLAS.CZ

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  • VLT-ban-140 - Foto: Český rozhlas 3 - Vltava
  • Narodní galerie - Foto: Národní galerie
  • RADIOART140 - Foto: Ladislav Železný
  • EBU140 - Foto: EBU Evropská vysílací unie
  • EUROr140 - Foto: EBU Evropská vysílací unie

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