20:50 | MANDÉ CULTURE – Rhythms, Patterns, and Encounters

Tomáš Kerle - Foto: Martin Klusák

Tomáš KerleFoto: Martin Klusák

A live performance of a composition for sampler and African percussion. A sound collage which organically melds with the author’s fragments and field recordings, their layering and manipulation moving in real time and accompanied by live music. The composition is devoted to West African culture and its diverse languages. By means of sound textures and situations, the piece captures the principles of communication of the local ethnic groups (Bambara, Malinké, Susu, and others). Their pronounced rhythmic nature, expressivity and use of onomatopoeia, which are native to the languages, are here presented in both an everyday and a musico-ceremonial context – one which is linked closely to the social dynamism of the traditional caste systems which the local cultures follow to this day. 


ART'S BIRTHDAY 2019 /// MANDÉ CULTURE – Rhythms, Patterns, and Encounters

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Tomáš Kerle is a musician (drums, percussion, electronics) and a rhythmic facilitator who specializes in African and Middle Eastern rhythms in both their traditional and modern forms. In his works, he often uses field recordings and sound design, as well as various percussive instruments, mostly within the context of contemporary electronic and experimental music. He teaches African drumming and percussion as part of the Cesta rytmu (The Way of Rhythm) workshops. He is a co-founder of the bands Marimba Mama, Soundokan, Topos Kolektiv and Zóna. Since 2011, he has been editor-in-chief of the afro.cz website. 





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PROGRAM: Czech Radio Vltava

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PROGRAM: National Gallery in Prague / Fair Trade palace

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Euroradio setellites program

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Live audio stream | PREHRAVAC.ROZHLAS.CZ

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