canon of sounds - Foto:  neznámý

canon of soundsFoto:  neznámý

A live electronic deconstruction of selected works of Czech music from the last century. Loosely inspired by the Kánon100 survey made by Czech Radio Vltava. A collage of samples, melodies, moments. The electronic goulash was cooked up by Jan Faix (Skrytý půvab barokracie, Stratocluster) and Cyril Kaplan (Vložte kočku). 



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Cyril Kaplan has been active on the Czech music scene for over fifteen years, mostly as a drummer, lyricist and producer of the band Vložte kočku. Cyril has collaborated with a number of projects and musicians (Kaplan Bros., Štěpán Smetáček, Ganesh Anadan, James McGraw, Radomír Uhlíř, Kvartet Dr. Konopného). He works as a lyricist, producer, and remix artist (also with Kittchen or B4) in a studio near Kladno. In the last few years, he has also become involved in solo works of electronic music,  collaborated with visual performer Frances Sander, or  done research in the field of electric activity of the brain and the programming of musical games which reflect such activity.


Jan Faix is a Prague-based electronic musician, pianist, teacher, poet, and journalist. He teaches at a secondary school and as a journalist works predominantly with HIS Voice magazine. He is currently a member of Stratocluster, Sova smrti, Datel zkázy, Skrytý půvab byrokracie, Chapadla, Let’s Bomb the Hell, Tembryo, and Dark Astral. Along with his brother Martin, he runs the internet label Signals from Arkaim. In 2015, he published an experimental book of poetry, Solmizační variace (Solfège Variations). His poetic texts have been published in the magazines Psí Víno, Weles, and by the underground society Pravěk and o.s. Štkaní.



ON-AIR 16:05 - 23:00 [CET]
PROGRAM: Czech Radio Vltava

ON-SITE 19:00 - 23:00 [CET]
PROGRAM: National Gallery in Prague / Fair Trade palace

ON-SPACE 20:00 - 24:00 [CET]
Euroradio setellites program

ON-LINE 19:00 - 23:00 [CET]
Live audio stream | PREHRAVAC.ROZHLAS.CZ

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