19:00 | INGOTS OF WORDS – dexclamations from the directorial books of Miroslav Buriánek

Režijní kniha M.B. ze hry "Nádraží Victoria" Harolda Pintera. - Foto: Miroslav Buriánek

Režijní kniha M.B. ze hry "Nádraží Victoria" Harolda Pintera.Foto: Miroslav Buriánek

We must screw ourselves into all the cubbies of consciousness! All those happy happy shoves. His voice works us over. It’s in the hall just by the rump. A base where matter smacks words. Matter is the foundation of happiness. The plane as Hermie, and on the herm crab lices of words. Destruction and love gone bankrupt. The stench of creation. (directorial notes to Ernst Jandel’s play Das Röchen der Mona Lisa) 


ART'S BIRTHDAY 2019 /// INGOTY SLOV – výhrky z režijních knih Miroslava Buriánka

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The scripts, or so-called directorial books, of the works of Miroslav Buriánek (*1951) are full of collages, drawings, poems, and notes which were never supposed to be seen by the intended listeners and viewers. These intimate notes helped the world-renown radio artist gain access to the text, to understand it better as an author, and to improve his method. Later, they became material used to explain, describe, and motivate his actors.

It is worth noting that although they are ripped out of their original context, these asides function as poetry in their own right. It is as if the realization of the play freed them from their primary function and they now live an intoxicating and freewheeling afterlife where anything is possible. It is writing for itself; essential work which never begged for attention. A visceral and intimate time-lapse – a self-portrait.

As part of Art’s Birthday, on January 17th 2018, we will hear selected directorial notes in the authorial interpretation of Miroslav Buriánek.

Concept: Roman Štětina and Miroslav Buriánek
Music: Tomáš Procházka

The performance is part of the accompanying program to the exhibition MOVING IMAGE DEPARTMENT #9: Touha v jazyce. Miroslav Buriánek and Roman Štětina are exhibiting their Manual for Use of Jiří Kolář.

Miroslav Buriánek BIO
Tomáš Procházka BIO
Roman Štětina BIO


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