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Dalibor has Returned and is Nesting

František Pojer  10.4.2006
Dalibor - Autor:Khalil Baalbaki

Some two weeks ago Dalibor returned from his wintering grounds in Burkina Faso to the same area where he was nesting last year near Pilsen. During inspection of his nest it was clear on first sight that he has returned to the same one in which he spent time last year. New twigs have been added and faeces were clearly visible on the edge of the nest and on tree branches around.

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The Storks are Back on their Nesting Grounds

Martin Smrček  7.04.2006

Number of storks have reached the same nesting grounds on which they were marked and equipped with transmitters approximately a year ago. Unfortunately many of them did not return and died on their wintering grounds or during their return journey. In some cases we cannot exactly determine if they are alive or not, if they got delayed on the way or why we are unable to retrieve any signal about their location.

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Big Surprise from Estonian Jaak

Miroslav Bobek  24. března 2006, 14:00
Ilustrační foto - Autor:Miroslav Bobek

We did not have a record of a stork to taking a completely different route while flying to his nesting ground in comparison with the one he took while flying to his wintering ground. Only now in the case of Jaak who is flying around the Black Sea from the other side. Another thing worth mentioning is an extremely quick flight of Josephine - yesterday she covered 663 kilometres.

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First European Stork Back on her Nest

Miroslav Bobek  8. March 2006, 14:00
Tomáš - Autor:Jan Schlindenbuch

Spanish stork Esperanza is the first European stork that reached its nesting ground. Ten other storks are on their way. These include our two storks Tomáš and Dalibor. Six transmitters can still be found on the wintering grounds. Apart from Espartero it seems that Eliška died as well on her wintering ground... More about individual storks:

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Where They Wintered and Where They are Now

Miroslav Bobek  12th March 2006, 16:00
Black storks - Autor:Khalil Baalbaki

Ten storks are staying at their wintering grounds. But are they all alright? At least in the case of Esparartero, a stork from Spain we have some doubts... Seven storks are returning to their nesting grounds. Below is a summary about the status of wintering of all our monitored storks as well as their return journey if they have embarked on it:

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Sixteen storks in Africa

Miroslav Bobek  Sunday, October 30, 2005, 13:50
Black stork on its wintering ground in Ethiopia, south from Lake Tana. January 1997. - Autor:Gérard Jadoul

During the last two weeks two more storks have reached their wintering grounds and one has left Europe. Estonian stork Tooni reached Ethiopia and has been staying north of Lake Tana since 20th October. Hungarian female stork Margit has reached Ethiopia as well and is currently staying to the east from Lake Tana. It cannot be ruled out that she will continue her journey. Now what is most interesting - Belgian black stork Anne left southern Spain on 20th October and is roaming around awkwardly in the Sahara. In Europe, only two storks are left in the Spanish National Park Doňana (and we will see if they winter there or if they fly to Africa) while 16 storks with "backpacks" are in Africa.

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Is the storks' migration nearly over?

Miroslav Bobek  Sunday, October 16, 2005, 23:00

Only three storks have been moving towards the wintering grounds recently. Estonian Tooni flew across the Near East and reached Africa today, French Josephine flew over Sahara and stopped in southern Mauritania, and Hungarian Margit left her stop in Bulgaria today and flied towards Bosporus. Last time I forgot to mention another important fact: Spanish Esperanza moved from southern Mauritania 300 kilometres southward to eastern Senegal at the end of the first October's decade.

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Mongolian Storks in their Wintering Grounds

Lubomír Peške  16th November 2005

During the first half of November all three of the Mongolian storks are staying at places which can almost certainly be considered as their wintering grounds. Erdenet is in an Indian state of Bihar, Marko near the Brahmaputra in Assam and Kublai a little more to the south in a small Indian state of Meghalaya near the Khasi Hills which is an area with highest precipitation in the world - the annual rainfall average exceeds 11 metres and maximum recorded rainfall is around 20 000mm/year (for comparison in Czech Republic it is twenty times less).

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Good and Bad News

Miroslav Bobek  Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Places near Stará Zagora, where the Hungarian female stork Margit is found. - Autor:Ivailo Kilsurov

Thirteen storks are in Africa - except for one, they are within the wintering grounds - and the number thirteen seems to foreshadow that apart from the good news there are also bad news. I used to list those storks, I was worried about more or less, but fortunately it usually happened that, sometimes the next they they would cover hundreds of kilometres. This time I am however going to mention two names at which our worries are strongly well-founded. They are concerned with the storks named Koppány and Claude.

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The Biggest Surprise

Miroslav Bobek  Saturday, October 8, 2005, 20:30
Right four out of twenty observed storks remain in the South of Mauritania. In the picture from 1999 there is the expedition of African Odyssey to this area. - Autor:Khalil Baalbaki

Nineteen storks are already within the area of the wintering grounds southwards of Sahara. Four others are waiting in front of Gibraltar. And from the remaining four, one is flying through western Africa, another through Turkey, one is remaining in Bulgaria and one is not responding. It is clear just from this enumeration that many events have happened in the last week- flyovers from one continent to the other and to wintering grounds have been reached. I was greatly surprised by the Spanish stork Espartero. It doesn't make any difference that this surprise was prepared a week ago.

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