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Africa at horizon

Miroslav Bobek  15.09.2005 16:30
Tomáš - Autor:Jan Schlindenbuch
Autor:   Jan Schlindenbuch  

More than half of the birds have already left their nests or places where they were trapped and equipped with transmitters. As we already informed you, also our Czech storks are on their way to wintering grounds - and all three of them are in motion these days. Eliska, who had long stayed in Germany and then Franc is approaching Pyrenees (that is the first bigger burden at the way to wintering grounds). Dalibor is advancing southwestward over eastern France and, quite surprisingly, even Tomas is continuing. He slowed his tempo in the Danubian and by analogy with the results taken from monitoring the storks in 1995-2000, I expected he would stop for a few days somewhere in northern Hungary. Yesterday night, however, he was already in western Romania (while he flew 330 kilometres the day before yesterday) and at the moment he may be eve further on. 

As far as the other storks are concerned, I must mention at least the Spanish ones. Esperanza flew over Gibraltar to Africa two days ago, and Espartero was being monitored at its European bank yesterday - I am sure he is in Africa now as well.

Todays view card pertains to places where Eliska was coming near yesterday.


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