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Where They Wintered and Where They are Now

Miroslav Bobek  12th March 2006, 16:00
Black storks - Autor:Khalil Baalbaki
Black storks
Autor:   Khalil Baalbaki  

Ten storks are staying at their wintering grounds. But are they all alright? At least in the case of Esparartero, a stork from Spain we have some doubts... Seven storks are returning to their nesting grounds. Below is a summary about the status of wintering of all our monitored storks as well as their return journey if they have embarked on it: 

Tomáš (Czech Republic) - staying on wintering ground
Since September in Ethiopia in western direction from Lake Tana.

Eliška (Czech Republic) - staying on wintering ground
At the beginning of November she was rather far out in east Mali, then she flew to the west to inland part of the Niger River delta where she continued making intensive movements. Dalibor (Czech Republic) - is on his way back
At the beginning of October he reached eastern Burkina Faso and stayed there for most of his wintering period. Only in the second half of January he moved westwards in the inland delta of Niger River in Mali. From there he set off for his return journey at the beginning of March. Koppány (Hungary) - died on his way to his wintering grounds in Turkey

Margit (Hungary) - died?
At the beginning of November she was flying around in south Ethiopia, and then she returned to places she had already been to - central Ethiopia. In January her transmitter stopped responding.

Maija (Latvia) - staying on wintering ground
Since the end of September she has been spending time in central Sudan and then moved to western Ethiopia.

Varis (Latvia) - is on his way back?
From the end of September until mid November he was spending time in central African country of Chad. With a few days stop at the end of November and beginning of December in southern Sudan he flew to southwest Ethiopia where he spent the rest of winter. Between 8. and 10. March he flew one hundred kilometres to the north. As it seems his return journey to his nesting ground could be along a completely different route from the one he took while coming to his wintering grounds.

Tooni (Estonia) - staying on wintering ground
He is staying in north-western Ethiopia from the beginning of November. Jaak (Estonia) - staying on wintering ground
Similarly to Zuzana he is wintering near the Lake Tana in Ethiopia. He spent first part of winter northeast from the lake and towards the end of January he shifted to an area more to the west from this lake.

Phillippe (Belgium) - is on his way back
Wintered in south of Spain and flew northwards in mid February. He spent few days in central Spain, flew 150 km to the north and subsequently returned. He continued flying to his nesting grounds on 8. March. He flew across the Pyrenees on 10. or 11. March.

Mathilde (Belgium) - staying on wintering ground
From the beginning of October until mid November this stork stayed in south Mauritania. Than he moved to the border of Senegal and Mali, where he was spending time in the third decade of January, only to go further eastwards.

Anne (Belgium) - staying on wintering ground
From the beginning of November in Mali, near the inland part of the delta of the Niger River.

Dany (France) - is on his way back
Reached southern Mauritania at the beginning of October and stayed there until second decade of November. He then left for Mali and stayed there until the end of wintering period. He set off for his return journey on 8. March.

Josephine (France) - staying on wintering ground
This stork is wintering in southern Mauritania; she has made a few large distance movements, but she has spent majority of time near the Senegal River.

Claude (France) - died on his wintering ground in Spain

Lou (Luxembourg) - is on his way back
Spent most of his wintering period in southern Burkina Faso and left for his return journey on 26. February. He is flying along a different path in comparison with the one he took to his wintering grounds.

Julien (Luxembourg) - is on his way back
From the beginning of September he has been spending time in south Mauritania and similarly to Josephine has spent most of his time near Senegal River. Started his return journey on 28. February.

Léo (Luxembourg) - staying on wintering ground
Is spending time at a wintering ground in southern Spain

Espezanza (Spain) - is on her way back
Spent first part of wintering in eastern Senegal. During Christmas flew some 200 km to western Mali. In the third decade of January returned shortly to Senegal (more to the south in comparison with her previous visit), but then returned to Mali. Set off for her return journey during the last few days of February. Left Sahara on 7. March.

Espartero (Spain) - staying on wintering ground
During the beginning of September reached central Chad where he spent little less than a month. At the beginning of November, returned to the north and reached Chad-Cameroon border. He is staying there at the moment and it cannot be ruled out that he died.


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