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First European Stork Back on her Nest

Miroslav Bobek  8. March 2006, 14:00
Tomáš - Autor:Jan Schlindenbuch
Autor:   Jan Schlindenbuch  

Spanish stork Esperanza is the first European stork that reached its nesting ground. Ten other storks are on their way. These include our two storks Tomáš and Dalibor. Six transmitters can still be found on the wintering grounds. Apart from Espartero it seems that Eliška died as well on her wintering ground... More about individual storks: 

Tomáš (Czech Republic) - is on his way back
Left his wintering ground to the west of Lake Tana in Ethiopia on 14. or 15. March.

Eliška (Czech Republic) - staying on wintering ground
Is still in the inland part of the delta of the Niger River, probably died.

Dalibor (Czech Republic) - is on his way back
Set off on his way back from the inland part of the delta of the Niger River in Mali in the first couple of days in March. Probably flew across Straits of Gibraltar to Europe on 14. March and on 17. March crossed the Pyrenees.

Varis (Latvia) - is on his way back
Fascinating route! Stayed in Chad first, then in Ethiopia and now is returning directly to the north. Varis flew around Sudan during his migration. He set off for his return journey probably on 10. March and has probably crossed the Sinai Peninsula by now.

Tooni (Estonia) - is on his way back
Is on his return journey from north-western Ethiopia back from 16. March.

Jaak (Estonia) - is on his way back
Left Lake Tana northwards on 11. March.

Phillippe (Belgium) - is on his way back
Wintered in eastern Spain and left towards the north in the middle of February. Stayed in central Spain for a few days flew 150 km north and subsequently returned. He continued to his nesting ground from 8. March. Crossed the Pyrenees on 10. or 11. March. His flight to his nest is progressing rather slowly.

Dany (France) - is on his way back
Set off for his return journey on 8. March now is close to Straits of Gibraltar.

Josephine (France) - is on her way back
On her way back from south Mauritania, probably flying back from 13. March.

Lou (Luxembourg) - is on his way back
Spent most of his wintering time in southern Burkina Faso and departed on his return journey on 26. February and flew in Africa along a different route than which he took on his way to his wintering grounds. On 14. March crossed the Straits of Gibraltar to Europe and is now on the northern coast of Spain. Even during his trip over Europe he is surprising us.

Julien (Luxembourg) - is on his way back
Was in southern Mauritania from the beginning of October. Set off for his return journey on 28. February. Crossed Straits of Gibraltar on 14. March and the Pyrenees on 17. March.

Esperanza (Spain) - on nesting ground
Departed for her return journey from Mali during the last week of February, left Sahara behind her back on 7. March. Crossed the Straits of Gibraltar probably on 13. March and reached her nesting ground on 15. March.


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