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Big Surprise from Estonian Jaak

Miroslav Bobek  24. března 2006, 14:00
Ilustrační foto - Autor:Miroslav Bobek
Ilustrační foto
Autor:   Miroslav Bobek  

We did not have a record of a stork to taking a completely different route while flying to his nesting ground in comparison with the one he took while flying to his wintering ground. Only now in the case of Jaak who is flying around the Black Sea from the other side. Another thing worth mentioning is an extremely quick flight of Josephine - yesterday she covered 663 kilometres. 

Tomáš (Czech Republic) - is on his way back
Flew above southern Egypt yesterday.

Dalibor (Czech Republic) - is on his way back
Was in north-eastern France, now is most probably flying above Germany...

Maija (Latvia) - staying on wintering ground
Is still in northern Ethiopia, due to lack of movement there is a cause for worry...

Varis (Latvia) - is on his way back
Is flying through central Turkey

Tooni (Estonia) - is on his way back
Is still above Africa, will leave African shore very soon...

Jaak (Estonia) - is on his way back, the biggest surprise of the season
Jaak has been the biggest surprise of the Flying over Natura 2000 Project. His return journey is along a different route than his journey to the wintering grounds. While in autumn he flew around the Black Sea from the east (along the Caucasus) now he is flying around it from the west, i.e. Over Bosporus.

Phillippe (Belgium) - is on his way back
Surprise on first sight. But it was expected. Phillipe was caught and equipped with a transmitter already during his journey. He is now flying above Germany and aiming for his wintering grounds. It will be very interesting to see where he will end up.

Mathilde (Belgium) - staying on nesting ground
Still in Mali, will probably not return...

Anne (Belgium) - staying on nesting ground
Probably died in the inland delta of the Niger River.

Dany (France) - is on his way back
Is getting close to the Pyrenees.

Josephine (France) - is on her way back
This particular stork flew 663 km (!) and reached the foothills of the Pyrenees. Josephine is travelling very very fast...

Lou (Luxembourg) - is on his way back
After a detour in northern Spanish coast and after crossing the Pyrenees he rejoined his autumn route. Is still flying above France.

Julien (Luxembourg) - is on his way back
Is flying above north-eastern France.

Léo (Luxembourg) - staying on wintering ground
Is still on his wintering ground in southern Spain.

Esperanza (Spain) - staying on nesting ground
According to news from Spain Esperanza already has a partner and will start nesting soon.


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