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The fourth season begins (Saturday, September 10, 2005)
Miroslav Bobek10.09.2005 15:05

We are entering the fourth season of New Odyssey project. Three Mongolian "backpacked" Black storks will fly to their wintering grounds. They are all males. We named them Kublai (after Kublai Khan), Marko (in honour of Marco Polo) and Erdenet('jewel' in Mongolian, nested by Erdenetsog).

Although I wrote that the fourth season begins, in fact, it will probably take some more time before the birds set out on their way. But if you receive our news by mail, we will let you know about the star of "our" storks.

What has really already begun, however, is the journey of many European storks that we are tracking in the scope of Flying over Natura 2000 project.

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