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Marco is already on his journey (Sunday, 2nd October, 2005)
Miroslav Bobek02.10.2005 20:03

On Thursday 29th September Erdenet as the first from the Mongolian storks set off for his journey on Thursday 29th September. During the first day he covered 340 kilometres proceeding relatively fast during the next days. On Friday he covered 220 and on Saturday 240 kilometres. He is now deep in the Chinese territory; today at night he was noticed by the satellites at the piedmont of the Qilian mountain range. The second from the three Mongolian storks has set off for his journey. Marko set off by all accounts on Friday covering 110 kilometres.

If we compare the Mongolian storks with the European ones it may seem that the former leave their rookery rather late. It was not much different compared to the last year when one of the Mongolian storks set off in the end of September and another one even in the end of the first decade of October.

We hope that the storks Erdenet, Marko and Kublay which were marked more westwards than Chingiz and Tuya last year, are going to fly across the Himalayas. The first part of Erdenet's journey (from Thursday) did not suggest that at all. It seemed on the other hand that he is going to lock onto the the last year's journey of Chingiz and Tuya. On Friday and Saturday he diverted from the route to West, so there is at least some chance of crossing the highest mountain range. Marco also increasing the chance heading the ideal (from our perspective) direction.

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