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Erdenet did not disappoint us (Sunday, October 30, 2005)
Miroslav Bobek30.10.2005

In fact, Erdenet pleased us, although my query whether he would fly to Nepal could seem exaggerated. He turned southward on October 13 close to Nepal boundary and reached wintering grounds in eastern Bihar on October 17. By the by, he spends the winter southern from Himalaya. Perhaps some storks fly over Himalaya, but Erdenet showed us that to reach Indian wintering grounds they do not have to fly over it.

Even the trace of Kublaj and Marko is interesting. They both flew along "Chinese highway" and it seemed that their wintering grounds would lie in Myanmar or the east-most hooks of India (Mizoram). Marko had interesting his short "back-trace" during his flight over the mountains, but what is most interesting and substantial: both Marko and Kublaj turned hardly westward and started to fly along similar trace as Erdenet did before. It looked like if they would follow him but now they stopped. So we will see if their wintering grounds would be in the very eastern India or if they would fly on downstream the Brahmaputra river.

Tuya stopped near Yellow river in China as she did last year. Her transmitter still works good, although every third day only.

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