Prix Bohemia Radio 2021

Drama. Documentary. News Report. Multimedia. These four competition sections will as every year feature in the 37th edition of the Prix Bohemia Radio festival, which takes place in Olomouc from 18 to 21 August 2021.

Visitors and competitors can again look forward to a unique atmosphere in the university city and four days filled with arts events, radio productions and information about modern trends in the world of media.

Nejnovější články

  • How is it even possible that someone disappears without a trace in the middle of the day?  (ilustrative photo) | foto: Pexels,  CC0 1.0

    The Missing Girl

    Ivana Košková, then a 14-year-old, left her parents’ home to go by bike to her aunt’s place in the neighbouring village. Since then no one has ever seen Ivana again.

  • Jindřich Štreit | foto: David Peltán,  MAFRA / Profimedia

    Intuitive Photography

    Miroslav Buriánek is a radio director and documentarist. He is fascinated by the visual world and by the visible imprint of existence in space and time.

  • Kristýna decided to take her father for a holiday in the Italian Alps  (ilustrative photo) | foto: Profimedia

    Stones in Chocolate

    Kristýna decided to take her father for a holiday in the Italian Alps. She wants to be with him far from home, far from his job, only the two of them for a few days.

  • Marek,  the protagonist of the documentary „Radio“,  is crawling on the courtyard floor in between the houses  (ilustrative photo) | foto: Pixabay

    The Anatomy of Fear: Radio

    The documentary titled „Radio“ is part of a true horror series „The Anatomy of Fear“,.

  • Marie Bělová,  Antonín Běla | foto: Bronislava Janečková

    The dog didn’t bark that night – Empty House

    What is it like to live alongside the man everyone calls the boss of the Romani underworld? Was he a beloved husband, a mobster or a feared partner?

  • Ivana's disappearance is one of the most mysterious cases of post-November forensics  (illustrative photo) | foto: Pixabay


    Early one summer evening in June of 1997, fourteen-year-old Ivana sets out on a bike ride from her parents to her aunt. A witness sees her halfway through the route.