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Missa solemnis in D sharp - Karel Blažej Kopřiva (edited by Zdeněk Šesták)

Karel Blažej Kopřiva (editor Zdeněk Šesták) - Missa solemnis in D sharp - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Karel Blažej Kopřiva (editor Zdeněk Šesták) - Missa solemnis in D sharpFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Under the inspiring and pedagogical influence of the preceptor Václav Jan Kopřiva (1708 - 1789), a group of composers was formed, which without exaggeration may be designated as the Cítoliby composer school.

This group includes his two sons - Jan Jáchym Kopřiva (1754 - 1792), his father's successor in the preceptor's office, and Karel Blažej Kopřiva (1756 - 1785), an extraordinary organ player and composer, subsequently from Seger school. 

The advanced music culture of Cítoliby, which is located 60 km north-west of Prague and which in later 18th century consisted of up to 60 houses, was the result of the intensive artistic activities surrounding the castle, school and St. Jacob's Church. Cítoliby and the entire estate of the same name were lucky to be inherited to the art-loving descent of Pachts of Rájov in 1720. The Pachts had a uniquely refined taste for the quality and progressive in music. Their personal contact with many significant artists, such as Mozart, Weber, Wagner, as well as the Czech artists Seger, Mysliveček and Dušek, are well known. 


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