[01] Tomáš Pálka: MOIJECROISQUE

Tomáš Pálka - Foto: Michaela Plachká

Tomáš PálkaFoto: Michaela Plachká

rAdioCUSTICA selected 2009 | 15:15




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We seek. We fumble. We grow old.
And again: We seek. We fumble...
Questions appear which had been answered. We reevaluate. We break down barriers and the wind sweeps away paradigms and the spray disperses like flakes on the palm of our hand. 


is the answer of "now" and "at this moment." Many things were different yesterday. And tomorrow? What will be? The search is reflected in content. The search is reflected in the search for content ... The search for sound, the search for meaning.


...is an image. A static image pulsating which inner unrest. The foundation is a word. Four words joined in one. Said by two people who become one. In a certain sense, we all say it. Everybody a little differently. We speak, we whisper, we think...


I stop sound with deformation. The sound of instruments and voices. Time is deformed, but


Autor:  Tomáš Pálka_E

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