[02] George Bagdasarov: Ants in the Sky

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rAdioCUSTICA selected 2009 | 18:19



Georgy Bagdasarov: Mravenci v nebi

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If look at the sky long enough, we begin to notice particles, moving in a chaotic manner. Their motion is as "chaotic" as the motion of ants in an anthill. In an anthill, even though each ant is carrying something somewhere it still looks like chaos. Each ant is moving from the past to the future; with each step, it moves from its past space to its future space (while being lost in space itself). But together they all create pure motion - motion which is not a gesture, motion which is not bound to space. Motion which is only motion. 

The composition Ants in the Sky is an example of chaotic music which works with the chaos of human thought at the moment of interpretation. This chaos of thought is visible, it can be seen: when I look at the sky, I see the chaotic motion of thoughts because each carries something within it. It is the same with improvisation - when a composition's creation and interpretation occur at the same moment. When it is guided only by the chaos of thoughts at that one moment. 

With this in mind, I decided to connect various pieces of live performances in order to bridge the various spaces and times in which the improvisations took place. Each element is interlaced with the others in a different space and different time. The result will be projected into additional connected and non-connected spaces in a new time. 

Like an ant whose zigzagging path brings it to its destination, here our zigzagging path gives rise to sound. Sound is also motion. A step is also sound. A gesture is also a step. If sound is created by gesture, then the sound is not bound to the gesture, but can freely scatter into space, like ants running across the sky. 

Where do the ants live that I see in the sky? Or is just an optical illusion...? 

Can we listen to the eye and hear its music? Or the music of the heavens? It is mere illusion.


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