[03] A broken key to determining fate: The life and times of Hildegard S.



rAdioCUSTICA selected 2009 | 27:23



A broken key to determining fate...

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Hilda has lived through everything that the insane 20th century had to offer. She was born in Austria-Hungary and experienced both world wars, including all the changes they brought. She grew up in the First Republic, witnessed its demise, and experienced the rise and fall of communism. 

When I realized that her life reflected all the events of the past century, I recorded her stories - from how she didn't want her mother to sell Liza the goat whom she walked to the pastures, all the way to the 90th birthday party thrown for her at the school for the deaf in Valašské Meziříčí, where she spent most of her life as a teacher and where she helped out long after retirement, even receiving the title of meritorious teacher. 

The program time of just under thirty minutes allowed us to present no more than snippets of her life, using just a fraction of more than five hours of recorded stories. 

Concept: Alex Švamberk
Music: Game & Co
George Cremaschi - bass
Miroslav Posejpal - cello
Alexandra Čedíková - accordion, xylophone, electric guitar
Alex Švamberk - samples, percussion, voice recordings
Jana Kneschke - electric violin
Andrea Švamberková - voice 

Autor:  Alex Švamberk_E, Miroslav Posejpal_E

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