[04] Stanislav Abrahám: I´ll tell you what I see



rAdioCUSTICA selected 2009 | 18:01



Stanislav Abrahám: Řeknu vám co vidím... / I'll tell you what I see...

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I'll tell you what I see... places information into media reality which has no reason to be there. It is the act of selecting and classifying information according to its quality and placing it into the mass media - just as is the case with online social networks such as YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook, although these networks shift the framework of media reality outside the principles usually found in radio. 

I'll tell you what I see... is an attempt at applying one prominent feature of these social networks to public radio. This feature is the absence of any more widespread reflection as to the values on whose basis we can justify the creation of such a substantial amount of information in our new (increasingly less virtual) reality. 

Featuring: Filip Šedivý, Jan Kaliba, Vojtěch Bidrman Sound composition & design: Stanislav Abrahám 

Autor:  Stanislav Abraham

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