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PRESSpectives – The Future of Journalism

PRESSpectives - The Future of Journalism - Foto: CC0 Public domain, Fotobanka Pixabay, Startup StockPhotos

PRESSpectives - The Future of JournalismFoto: CC0 Public domain, Fotobanka Pixabay, Startup StockPhotos

PRESSpectives is an international project organised by Czech Radio with the aim of revitalising the Czech media landscape with developments from abroad.


What’s the idea behind PRESSpectives? 

• to keep track of international trends in media development and content 

• to take inspiration from abroad and to draw on the best practices of foreign media projects 

• to open up a space for discussion between foreign trendsetters, Czech journalists and all of those who produce and work with media content 

• to interconnect the media world with the academic community and students of journalism 

• to provide Czech audiences with the unique opportunity of joining with Czech Radio in defining the future of radio programming formats and projects as well as multimedia content 

• to act as a Czech ambassador to the international Vision2020 project 


PRESSpectives – mission: 

To bring new insights from the international scene to the Czech media landscape in helping traditional media keep pace with the digital world. 


How does it work? 

PRESSpectives takes place twice a year, in spring and in autumn, providing various opportunities for the general public to engage in the process of shaping the future of media content. Notable international guests are invited to participate in individual events, helping them interconnect with the Czech Republic’s creative and open-minded journalists, professionals and enthusiasts. 

In the academic arena, PRESSpectives have teamed up with several partners, especially Czech universities, with the aim of engaging their students in the debate. 

However, the project primarily serves as an important online platform, offering author-driven content related to the development of interesting media trends, and useful advice for all of those who create or wish to produce media content in all of its diverse forms. 


PRESSpectives aims to shape the future of radio broadcasting by reaching beyond the horizon of the traditional FM landscape.  

Autor:  Edita Kudláčová, Viki Heumann

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