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Green Satin - Emil Viklický

Emil Viklický - Green Satin - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Emil Viklický - Green SatinFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Sometime in the mid-eighties I was asked by the legendary music printer Mr Bohumil Macák if I would be interested in having a few of my jazz piano compositions published. I agreed, since some of the work had been, more or less, finished already.

I took "The Green Satin" and "Cacharel", the piano versions of which I had sent to a competition in Monaco, and I composed a few more pieces. From the LP "V Holomóci městě" ("In the City of Olomouc") I transcribed the solo recorded track "Jestřáb" ("Hawk"), including a part of an improvised solo. I also added the title tune of a series of 13 bedtime stories called "Zmatky kluka Zmatlíka" ("Mel's Pell-Mell") that is entitled "Praménky" ("Trickles") on this album and includes also a written-out improvisation. I wrote a simple composition for our Hawaian-Moravian granddaughter Tamarka that we play together from time to time, and I added a few more pieces. 

Recordings of all compositions are on CD which is enclosed in the publication. 


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publ.NoR 160
price240,- CZK

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